The Elect Ladies is a Christian network for young women ages 25 & up. Our organization offers a variety of events such as membership gatherings, social events, community service, book club, forums, conferences, and more to stimulate personal and spiritual growth.

The Elect Ladies was developed to provide young women with a platform that allows them to socialize in a non-secular environment while building a stronger bond with other women and a deeper spiritual relationship with God through the conduits of socials, activities, conferences, and other events.

Our mission is to provide engaging activities to enhance the personal, spiritual, and social development of young women.


  • To provide session that allow young women to express themselves on personal issues that affect them spiritually. personally, and socially.
  • To host events which challenge women to live empowered lives
  • To provide young women information on health, education, relationships, beauty, etiquette, and other issues that are essential to their growth
  • To serve as a support system to young women
  • To effectively operate a network that will become a positive model for social change.

Our group is founded on the…

P.R.O.M.I.S.E. Principles:


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